Born and raised in Canada with Ghanaian roots. I mostly create my art with darker skinned characters because I feel that dark skin people as myself are not represented enough through art and many other types of media. I have seen and heard of a few people who dislike their dark skin so much they would go as far as bleaching. And I also see so many beautiful dark skin kids and when I see them I see myself. I want those kids to grow up to love themselves, to love their skin. I do this for them. Art has always been and will forever be my way of expressing myself. I love to show others my thoughts and feelings in my Art. I find that Art is a great way to see how others think and view the world. Through out the years Ive learned that with a creative mind the world looks different. It becomes more exciting and inspiring. I'm not much of a writer so please bare with me and just let my art do the talking. ABOUT Abena

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