•How can I order a custom design on print and or clothing?

A: Go over to the contact section of this site and select the 'custom order field. And write a message of what you want. And I'll reply back if I am able to do it or not. Depending on how many custom orders I receive you may be put on waiting list.


•How long does it take for a custom to be made?

A: It all depends on what type of design you want, and also how many orders I have.


•How much does it cost for a custom?

A: Custom prices depend on how complex the design is.


•If I have a custom made will you have it available for sale so that others can also buy my custom design?

A: If you do not mind your custom being sold to others as well then it will be less expensive. However if you would not like for your custom to be sold to anyone else it will stay at the regular price.


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